Beverly Hills 9OH2O LUXY Collextion Diamond Edition water

Beverly Hills 9OH2O LUXY Collextion Diamond Edition water

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$100,000 for ONE bottle of water, Wow~~~~~~~

Why not just spend couple hundreds of dollar and get a top quality Watch/Bag for you !!!



Topping the list of our most expensive water brands of 2018 is the Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition. Beverly Hills has always hailed itself as the champagne of water due to its great tasting water sourced from northern California’s mountain springs. The company has has outdone itself this time as this edition, which is touted to be “the ultimate in water,” is sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and was instilled with minerals, potassium, calcium, and minerals to enhance its taste and nutrients.
The Luxy Collection Diamond Edition’s bottle, which was designed by jeweler Mario Padilla, comes with a white gold cap encrusted with 14-karat gold comprising of  over 250 black diamonds and 600 G/VS white diamonds. Only nine bottles were ever made, and purchasing one will net you a one-year supply of the Beverly Hills 9OH2O Lifestyle Collection.

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